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investing in strong companies

Summit Corporation is more than an investment company. Our focus is to cultivate dynamic companies into successful industry players. We are committed to growth while taking care of our people and our customers. Respect, exemplary business practice and principles govern Summit Corporation and each company within our portfolio.

Summit Corporation has the financial strength to acquire and reinvest in our operating companies. We target and attract numerous prospects that have the potential to enhance our investment group. They must meet our defined acquisition criteria. Preliminary research is conducted to ensure a consistent match with our vision, purpose and mission.

Once it has been determined to proceed with the acquisition, Summit Corporation and our team of external professionals in finance, law, information technology, and business assurance focus on the investment opportunity. We perform an in-depth review on the industry, markets and growth potential until all of these areas are understood.

Summit Corporationís culture provides focus and discipline on leadership. Each of our operating companies track their performance, set and achieves goals, and strives for greater proficiency and improved economic returns.

Summit Corporation is a proven performance investment company.